The masterpiece above is the work of our digital marketing specialist, bridge builder, and the fastest 10K runner on the team (okay you got me, the only 10K runner on the team), Christie Loguzzo Pearson.

Christie handles all things marketing for us, from strategy to positioning, content, research, outreach, networking and way more. On top of that, she’s constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency with our internal processes and communication methods. Always asking, 'How can we get more out of this?', Christie is a force of growth and improvement here at Endzone Software.

Christie was exposed to the tech world in high school and has been involved in it ever since–working her way through college writing VBA, founding her own online business, and getting involved in tech groups in her area. That last point is one reason why she likes working on a remote team… it provides a little extra freedom to contribute to the local Rails Girls, Open Tech School, and Startup Göttingen groups she helps organise.

But that’s not the only reason she likes working remotely. Remote work makes her a better marketer, too. How, you ask?

Christie in the flesh. Hey Christie!

It comes down to communication. Christie is a natural bridge builder between parties–in her hobbies and in her work–making communication one of her most important skill sets. The majority of our team interactions are done via Slack and other chatting tools, which means there’s a bit of room for misunderstanding or misinterpreting text. For Christie, every interaction is an opportunity to improve her communication skills, forcing her to make her writing (and all other interactions) more clear, succinct and impactful.

The way Christie put it:

As marketers, it’s easy to get hung on a particular word or phrase. With a distributed team, especially an international team, not everything translates well or makes sense for everybody. We’re prone to falling in love with our words and leaning toward the creative side and pushing that boundary.

She adds:

The way things flow, we don’t always have a continual conversation. If there’s no reaction, then you know it didn’t sink in. You’re forced to make sure: what am I writing? Is it clear? Is it getting the team to where it’s meant to be?

That’s a fresh approach on communication challenges. Instead of communication being a hindrance, Christie finds it as a great opportunity for personal growth. Interestingly, she likens remote work to living as an expat as well. While abroad you have to quickly learn how to be clear in meaning, lest you perish. Both remote work and the expat life can push you toward uncomfortable experiences, forcing you to grow in ways unimaginable.

Sometimes flexibility means retreating to a quiet coworking space when there's too much neighborhood construction

Another perk for Christie (the one most office workers are jealous of) is simply flexibility and control over her time and location. Her typical day starts with a run and includes two work blocks separated by a couple hours of afternoon sunshine and fresh air. This is perfect for Christie, as the wintertime in Germany only leaves a small window of afternoon sunshine to enjoy the great outdoors. Best of all, that break helps her tackle work with energy and a clear focus.

When it comes to the agency life, Christie shares:

I think an agency’s ability to deliver hinges on the company’s culture. The ones that empower their team with freedom to experiment in the end do innovative work… It’s not that innovation requires being remote, it’s more about allowing employees to do their best work and deliver on service – in whatever configuration that looks like.

Christie’s position allows her to be innovative (and break out into song and dance anytime she wants, except maybe not at team meetups), and she loves it.

How about your agency life? In what ways has it helped you innovate and grow as an individual or a professional? Let is know with a Tweet!

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