Barry here and I’m excited to announce the upcoming release of Season 2 of the Happy Porch Radio podcast!

​In Season 1 we focused on building long term success for our agencies - we covered retainers, building repeat business, Growth Driven Design and plenty more. I hope you got as much value from Season 1 as I did (if you haven’t already, please do go it check out right over here ➡

Barry is excited about Happy Porch Radio Season 2

Barry is excited.

The brand new sparkling Season 2 is all about using Umbraco in your agency. With two handfuls of incredible guests, we dug deep into the benefits, opportunities and challenges this powerful CMS creates for agencies and their clients. Some of the topics covered include:

  • unique perspectives to “selling” clients on using Umbraco
  • moving from a custom CMS to Umbraco
  • how Umbraco can impact agencies based on their size
  • awesomely creative and thoughtful uses of the tool
  • the challenges and benefits of building and selling packages
  • personal stories on agencies leveling up after adopting Umbraco
  • getting involved with the Umbraco community
  • and a whole bunch more…

But first, we'll kick off the season with an inside look at the story of Umbraco – past, present and future – from the man who knows it best, Niels Hartvig.

The first episode goes live next Thunderous Thursday, 6th of April, with new episodes released every week. 

If you want our fantastic lightning bolt ⚡ reminders as each one airs, sign up at the bottom of this page. Don't worry, it doesn't require a long-term commitment and we won't send wild animals 🦄 to chase you if you miss an episode.   

Niels is also excited about Happy Porch Radio Season 2

Niels is also excited.

Until then...

We’re working on a little surprise, but you’ll have to wait until Monday to find out what it is. A tiny hint: it has something to do with what a lot of you told us you wanted in your response to our Umbraco in Business survey.   

So keep your eyes out, we think it’s going to be a lot of fun (+ super useful) and hope you do too!

Cheers & happy Umbraco-ing!

Barry O'Kane
Host of Happy Porch Radio

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