uWhiteLabel-HappyPorch-eg-1It’s important to stay “top of mind” with your clients if you are building long term business relationships. Something as simple as showing your company logo and a reminder of contact details can help to polish your professional image.

This little package allows anyone to quickly and easily:

  • create a completely custom welcome screen that is shown when content editors log into the Umbraco backoffice.
  • Add your logo and a custom message to the backoffice login screen

uWhiteLabel Umbraco branded login exampleuWhiteLabel allows you to do this in minutes without having to waste time digging into the Umbraco internals.


Branded login screen

You can add any image & (optionally) override the default welcome message that Umbraco displays.

Custom welcome screen

The package supports two ways to create your custom welcome screen:

You can create a simple HTML web page on your company site and uWhiteLabel will allow you to embed it as an iFrame into the back office.
The option is particularly powerful if you manage multiple Umbraco sites as it allows you have centrally update the Welcome Screen and everyone will see it!

Basic HTML
You can paste basic HTML into uWhiteLabel to create your branded welcome screen. There is a simple, example template to get you started.


  1. Create your simple, branded web page (either hosted on your company site
  2. Install the uWhiteLabel package
  3. Go to “Developer” -> “uWhiteLabel” and paste in either the iFrame URL or your HTML